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While ‘Sustainability’ might seem like quite a distant concept, tackling global issues on a large scale, today’s technology now allows us to contribute significantly to the sustainability of our environment from within our homes and business spaces.

JT fibre broadband network on a Jersey road


The advent of Intelligent automation for ‘smart’ homes and businesses has been brought about by the advancements in connectivity.

In the Channel Islands, we’re lucky enough to have access to hyperfast Fibre broadband, right to our door. Meaning low-consumption, high-performance systems and equipment can function to their maximum potential.

Sustainable decision making

With automation, we can empower your system with the intelligence and capabilities to analyse incoming data from your internal and external environments, your usage behaviour and habits to make sustainable decisions for your home.

When to power on, when to shut down, how much energy to use and when and learning and predicting the optimum power usage to enhance comfort and convenience — all while keeping your carbon footprint under control.

Woman using her smart phone to automate her blinds and shading system

Start your sustainable automation journey today

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Service-level benefits

Natural Light Icon

Window treatments reducing artificial light dependency

By maximising the potential of your natural light in your space, you can further reduce your energy consumption using artificial light. We can fine-tune the relationship between your lighting and shading to react and respond - saving money and energy.

Energy Efficiency

We provide the best possible, low energy consuming lighting, climate control and other equipment, without compromising on premium quality for your space.

Climate and Temperature Control

Your system will make intelligent decisions on heating and climate control based on which rooms are in use - turning down your air conditioning on a summers day or safely powering down equipment in unused spaces or floors.

Human-centric Lighting

Human-centric lighting is lighting that is beneficial for your wellbeing or the health and wellbeing of those who share the intended space. We offer a range of lighting options which can be automated to specifically create more natural light, enhance vision and even improve energy and performance of those in the room - all while using low-energy.

Sustainable Energy analytics

Sensors and Analytics

We can automate your doors and windows, internal and external security – along with controlling your entertainment, and other environmental controls. But it doesn’t stop there. Your system can use sensors and analytics to learn a behaviour and make predictions to enhance the convenience of those in your space – all while improving cost efficiency and reducing your impact on the environment.