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Offer your customers the opportunity to create their ideal 'smart home' when working on your new builds or development projects. We focus our automation on intelligent Environment and Entertainment automation solutions, all of which are wrapped up with our bespoke Intelligent Engineering services.

Intelligent Engineering

We have extensive experience working on high-value property projects, new builds and developments all which we deliver end-to-end handling all aspects of sub-contractor relationships and technical planning, or working with your existing project team to scope requirements and install alongside them.

Consultancy and project management services

Designing and delivering harmonious systems

Networking expertise
you can rely on

Leverage hyperfast Fibre connectivity

Intelligent Environment

Give your customers complete control over their smart home. Whether it’s to leverage those stunning views with bespoke window treatments, self-adjusting blinds and automated windows or control internal comfort setting to their exact specifications.

Functional, space-saving automation and integration

Control heating and climate control for a more efficient, sustainable space

Advanced lighting
and shading

One-touch environment control via a docking station, smart remotes, or customised apps

Intelligent Entertainment

We offer a range of intelligent entertainment packages to suit various budgets for your end-customers to customise their living space and maximise on available space.

Kit-out the living space with immersive home theatre and surround sound

Integrated and Automated screens for saving-space and creating a subtly finished living space

Control smart TV alongside your environment control in a single app

Integrate ambient lighting

Automated Tech Bundles

Make your smart home development a reality and create a bespoke, sustainable living space. Choose from our range of 'intelligent' tech packages.

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Efficiency & Sustainability

We take pride in delivering solutions to achieve more sustainable operations; Reducing carbon emissions, cutting waste, and taking better care of the planet is a global effort.

Intelligent heating and electricity consumption with real-time monitoring and orchestration of all 'smart' tech and apps in the home.

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