Couple in their smart home using thier smart phone to automate video and audio system

There’s no shortage of automated systems on the market today, and maybe you’ve already begun to explore the power of smart home automation for yourself. Home assistant? Check. Thermostat app control? Check. Wireless speakers to cater for each room? Check.

The problem is, these individual systems can only go so far — where they fall short, is in connecting all elements of home living together. Today, you need one app to play music, another to tweak the temperature, and another to cue up your favourite film for a cosy night in. And, unless you’ve built your home to be smart from the ground up, you’ve still got to get up and dim the lights, too.

At Zero1, we’re working to bring the true smart home experience to homes across the Channel Islands. This means doing away with disparate products and software systems, combining a full suite of intelligent controls in one, easy to use interface. That means at the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet – even programmed to run by itself and respond to the environment around it.

Here’s how we do it…

Behind the scenes of Zero1: intelligent software at its core

At the centre of any connected system is a trustworthy software platform. After all, when you’re asking your home to open, close, and even change the shade of windows on request — at the same time as running 24/7 CCTV and monitoring your energy use — you want things to run smoothly and without interruption.

Zero1 relies on the most powerful and sophisticated software in the industry: Savant Host. So it’s more than capable of managing several, on-going requests and commands. Our systems are also fully scalable, meaning you can add and change features as needed.

Recently found out you’re expecting, for example? It’s simple to convert a study room into a nursery, with ambient lighting and temperature that’s perfect for soothing bedtime stories.

Want to prepare for next summer with big, outdoor dinner parties, or get the house comfy and cosy for the looming winter evenings on the sofa? We’ve got the right environment and entertainment controls to seamlessly shift from one season to another.


Interacting with Zero1: a streamlined, satisfying experience no matter the task

Day to day, you’ll be interacting with the Zero1 app — a communications hub, linking you and your requests up with the software centre.

At your end, all you need to do is click a few buttons and the smart system handles the rest. You may also be relieved to hear that Zero1 is compatible with a number of third party products. So if you’ve already purchased a home cinema system, home assistant, or other smart device, that’s okay — we can make it all work together.

Whether you’re preparing to host friends for dinner, or setting up a new and improved security system, we configure your app for ease of use, bespoke to you. What’s more, if you ever have any questions, our support team is on-hand to help.

Getting Zero1 to work for you

Your home is your space, that’s why we offer a range of customisable smart home packages.

Simply pick and choose which elements work for you, then hit ‘enquire’ to hear more from a member of the Zero1 team or to book a demo.

Chances are, you’re only just beginning to enjoy the real power of home automation — we’re ready to help you experience more.


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