What is solar gain? Solar gain is the increase in thermal energy in your home or business as it absorbs solar radiation – most frequently impacting room temperatures in rooms with large window areas. An easy example would be in a conservatory, or any other heavily-windowed space, then you’ll know what solar gain feels like.

Conversely, heat loss is also a common occurrence whereby on colder days, heat can more easily escape through these larger windowed areas.

Homes need to find a sweet spot: heating just enough to keep energy usage down and avoiding heat loss on cooler days, while also providing much-needed shade on hotter days – combating the temperamental British weather.

UV Damage – it’s not just the heating and cooling which can become an issue for your rooms. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can be damaging to internal furniture and fabrics, even to artwork on the walls. While it might not be immediately apparent over time, UV damage will take a toll.

Introducing Zero1’s automated solar shade solutions

Of course, there’s the appeal of ‘convenience’ when thinking about automated shading for your smart home, not having to go room to room and adjust, or even doing it remotely when you’re not home. However, there are also some genuinely useful benefits to automated shading and curtains – namely fighting against unwanted solar gain and UV damage, and heat loss.

At Zero1, we’re experts in smart home engineering, and to tackle solar gain and prolonged UV exposure from all angles we have partnered with Lutron – leaders in high-quality motorised shading. We can integrate a range of stylish shades in an array of fabrics into your smart home setup for one-touch control alongside your other varied tech via an app. Meaning you can control your automated lighting, entertainment, and more – all in one place.


Sustainable automated blinds in a smart home featuring a woman in her eco friendly bathroom

Automated blinds and curtains

Curtains and blinds are helpful in providing solar shade and keeping room temperatures comfortable whether its mid-summer or the low bright winter glare — when you’re around to pull them closed that is. Or, if they’re in arm’s reach. However, what if you’ve been out at work all day, and you come home to a stuffy house? What if the blinds are in an elevated position on large skylights? Or you’ve been enjoying shade in the garden, not knowing that the living room is heating all the way up?

The simple answer is to consider: Automation.

Zero1’s smart blinds and curtains are designed to be controlled at the touch of a button, or set to respond to lighting and environmental changes on your behalf. Better still, they come in a range of aesthetics, from curtains to Venetian styles, for conservatories, skylights and any other room in the house, too.

You can protect your artwork, fabrics, flooring and other home furnishings from bleaching and fading by automating the shades to respond to the environment or ‘astronomical clock’ (turning on or off according to light, time of day or seasons) and help keep your home and belongings protected.

Intelligent lighting

Heat and light is about more than safety and comfort, there’s an environmental aspect to reflect on as well. At Zero1, we’ll help you find the right balance between using energy-powered light sources, and maximising natural light when it’s there. We offer a full range of automated general lighting, spotlighting and ambient lighting for any room or occasion to work in synergy with your automated shading.


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Protect your home contents, all while making your rooms more comfortable with Smart Home automation from Zero1, powered by JT.

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