Smart Home living room with smart savant app for home automation

You may have heard the terms “smart home” and “home automation”, but what exactly does it mean to have a smart home? And why should you be interested?

While some products — like home assistants, connected speakers, heating apps — all offer disparate smart services, there’s far more to be gained from automation in unison over these systems delivering automation alone.

When done right, a fully-integrated smart home solution will bring together all elements of a happy home — from environment and entertainment, to security and sustainability. Better still, it’ll do it from just one app — giving you ultimate customisation over every aspect of home living, from a single location, or even setting ‘Scenes’ (saved favourite settings) to change everything you want in one touch or at certain times of day.

So, forget having one app or provider for your playlists, another for your perfect lighting, and another to power up the central heating — truly intelligent home automation brings it all together. Here, we’ll explain how…


Understanding the potential of smart home automation

The world of automation has brought us some interesting — but not altogether useful — innovations in the past. And therein lies the issue with a number of smart home ideas — they sound pioneering in theory, but when plugged in and playing, there’s little benefit for the user long term.

That said, there are many aspects of home management that can — and should — be automated, for greater peace of mind and enjoyment around the house. When a smart system can remove the need for repetitive actions — like getting up to tweak the thermostat on a chilly evening — or minimise security risk while also making the home more eco-friendly and sustainable, then that’s when things get really exciting.

For smart home solutions to deliver real value to homeowners and renters, they should:

woman using her smart home app to control climate

Help create the ideal home environment — every minute of the day

Increasingly, the home is being used for a myriad for different purposes — it can be a workspace, a relaxation zone, somewhere to host lively events with friends, and a safe place to put the kids to bed each night.

Imagine being able to change the lighting (both brightness and hue) and temperature controls or automate shading for optimum light from room to room, depending on who’s in there and what they’re doing. Or being able to draw the blinds remotely, when you’re away for the weekend (or just don’t want to move!).

Not only does this help create a comfortable living space for you and the family, it increases your safety, and improved the efficiency of your home energy consumption and heating too.

man in his smart home using his Merdian entertainment system

Transform a house into a home, with customised entertainment controls

The right ambience isn’t just important when you’re working from home, it’s paramount for having a good time as well.

This is where intelligent entertainment comes in. Pick and choose the features you want, of course — from smart cinematic seating and cinema screens, to professional grade speakers and voice controls. When linked up with environmental controls, the perfect evening in is just a click away.

Sustainable automated blinds in a smart home featuring a woman in her eco friendly bathroom

Do all of the above — without using unnecessary energy

Sustainability is rapidly growing in the public consciousness, and you should be empowered to make eco-friendly decisions in your home, if you want to.

That’s why the best home automation solutions enable all of these benefits, while also helping you better understand and manage your energy use. Reduce waste, control carbon emissions, and create a holistic environment — benefiting you and the planet.

Welcoming Zero1 into your home…

Automation has revolutionised how we work, how we communicate and how we travel — now it’s time to bring that power home.

With Zero1, you can create a fully harmonised and connected living space, unique to your needs. Blend function with fun added extras, and start living the way you want to live. Get in touch to organise your smart home demo today.


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