Av integration in the home

The latest AV technology has the power to create exciting, immersive, user-friendly home entertainment experiences unlike any you’ve known before.

If this sounds complex, don’t worry. AV integration at home is simpler to set up and use than ever. But what actually is AV integration in the home and what can it do for you?

What is AV integration in the home?

Audio Visual integration can transform your home into the perfect space for watching your favourite movies, binging box sets, or listening to music with unbelievable clarity. In any room. At any time. It’s all connected for maximum convenience.

You can take advantage of automated screens, voice activation, lighting, and more to prepare your perfect viewing experience. Intelligent AV integration makes it easy to get the entertainment you want, where you want, when you want it.

Whether you’re streaming the latest Disney movie with your kids in the playroom, watching music videos while you work out, or enjoying the match with friends in your cinema room, you’re totally in control.

Connect to your favourite apps. Stream the media you love. All while being able to switch from one room to another without losing your place or disrupting the experience.


Av home integration in bedroom with control4

Why would your home benefit from AV integration and intelligent entertainment services?

Let’s look at the biggest benefits of choosing AV integration and intelligent entertainment for your home:


AV smart home setup including TV and integrated smart speakers

Get it just right with tailored plans

Flexibility is one of the most important aspects of Zero1’s intelligent AV integration.

We’ll build the ideal custom package just for you. Define what you want from your AV integration and we’ll make it happen — it’s that simple. What’s more, it’s scalable too. You can add to it whenever you like. By using Smart Hubs like Savant, acting as the brains behind the operation, you have the perfect foundations for any smart home to keep growing. Connect your existing disparate systems with the new, and rest assured you can connect your future tech (providing it has an open API – don’t worry, most leading-brand tech does).


woman relaxing using AV smart home Savant app

Unbeatable convenience and practicality

Take full advantage of innovative smart home technology with intelligent AV integration. Use voice-activated remotes and control pads/tablets to have the full suite of entertainment fingers at your fingertips or totally hands-free.

With so many of us working from home (and an inevitable long-term shift to this working strategy), you can broadcast professional-grade video from your own office for webinars and conference calls. In the same way that AV integration makes your office life smarter and more efficient, it can do the same for your WFH station as well.


savant wireless AV smart speakers

Add style to your home with sleek state-of-the-art systems

Our AV integration brings stylish tech into your home that works beautifully and complements your interior design.

Forget bulky speakers with wires the kids will trip over (or the dog will nibble on) — all your audio visual equipment is integrated into the space, so you wouldn’t even know it was there.


woman using smart home lighting control app

Create the perfect mood with ambient lighting and acoustic settings

Lighting is key when you’re settling down to watch your favourite films or shows. Now you can avoid the hassle of adjusting lights manually to get it just right.

Use high-end AV integration and ambient lighting to match the mood to your entertainment with incredible precision — drop the lights and focus in on a drama, or bring an animated classic to life with surround sound.

If your TV’s built-in speakers are starting to sound a little tinny, you’re free to adjust your smart home acoustics for the clearest, most immersive AV-integrated results.


AV integration home cinema setup

Build your own automated home cinema

Last but not least, Zero1’s intelligent AV integration enables you to set up the home cinema of your dreams.

Relax in automated cinematic seating and watch the action unfold on your in-home big screen. Use professional-grade speakers and projectors for the movie-going experience of the multiplex — in the comfort of your living room.

Many of us are missing the cinema right now, and AV-integration is a great way to replace a night out at the movies (without the overpriced popcorn!).

Any home can be a smart home

Zero1 is a trusted smart home provider, helping homes across the Channel Islands to embrace AV integrations. Our partnerships with innovation specialists Savant and Control4 mean there’s a smart home solution for all budgets, households and family types.

To learn more about how Zero1’s AV integration services can revolutionise the way you enjoy entertainment at home, contact our team today.

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