While you may not have much scope to negotiate most standard operating overheads for your business, there is one key overhead you do have the power to control: your energy use.

When you spend less on heating and lighting your office spaces, warehouses, and other commercial buildings, you have more to show on your bottom line – all while improving your sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint.

Incorporating motion sensor lighting and turning down the A/C, will help. However, there’s more you can do too – and it starts with smart energy monitoring.

What is smart energy monitoring?

Remember those clunky gas and electric meters found in older properties? Today, energy monitoring can be performed by state-of-the-art technology, capable of calculating how much energy is being used and displaying those insights real-time in a digestible and easy-to-action way for your business.

You don’t need a manually logged and tracked spreadsheet to keep track of the numbers. Modern energy analysis is presented to appeal to the business mindset — via clean, automated bar charts and performance reports.

Better still, you don’t need to walk around the building and interact with each energy monitor one by one. Your energy use data is compiled remotely and delivered via one desktop app. Or at least that much is true for a smart energy monitoring solution like Synetica.


Synentica’s suite of smart energy monitoring tools

At Zero1, we use Synetica’s full suite of smart energy monitoring solutions, designed for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Choose from any, or all, of the following, to better understand — and reduce — your organisation’s energy bills.

Electricity metering 

To fulfil the potential of our intelligent engineering systems, smart lighting and shading controls, Zero1 can offer Synetica’s multifunctional electricity meters applied directly to your electrical circuits and switchgear.

Running 24/7, 365 days a year, these smart electricity meters provide accurate and real-time readings on kWh, kVArh, voltage, current and kW demands – so you can see first-hand the true benefits of your sensor triggers on lighting, or fine-grain environmental comfort controls by Zero1. Not entirely sure what that means? The meters transfer data on your energy consumption from your whole Smart Home system, via the cloud to a desktop dashboard, where it’s analysed and visualised on your behalf.

Energy analysis software

Providing up-to-date energy insights at your fingertips, Synetica’s dedicated software, enVision, helps make sense of your business’s utility usage. Pulling data from all your connected meters, enVision amalgamates a real-time dashboard with reports and alerts, displayed on a familiar, user-centric web browser.

For you, this means clear, actionable evidence of energy waste and performance, empowering you to make smart, informed decisions on energy reduction initiatives.


Synetica building monitoring, delivered to you by Zero1: the smart way to reduce your energy spend alongside cutting-edge automation technology

Make 2021 the year to control your organisation’s energy use.

Get in touch with the Zero1 team to discuss your custom energy monitoring needs today. When used in combination with the other energy-reducing solutions in the Zero1 range, we’ll help you lower your outgoings and plan for a sustainable future.

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