AV integration cinema in a smart home

Home theatre systems have never been a better investment.

The latest in AV integration and home entertainment tech enables you to create an authentic cinema experience in your lounge or home cinema room.

Ambitious types will want to take it one step further, though. Not satisfied with cinema-grade clarity and sound alone, some homeowners are moving toward smart home entertainment: connecting all the tech required for a truly immersive big-screen experience.

But what makes a Smart Home system smart?

The power of Smart Home entertainment

Intelligent AV integration comes together to create the perfect environment for watching TV and film — controlling the seats, lighting, temperature, sound, and more, either automatically or via an app. Here are the biggest advantages:


AV integration cinema in a smart home living room

Achieve instant ambience for a relaxed atmosphere

Adjust your lighting and sound to suit the movie or show you’re watching and its soundtrack — or let the intelligent system do it for you. Zero1’s mood lighting and music integration works seamlessly with the most popular smart speakers, from Sonos and Artcoustic to Anthem, Meridian and Dynaudio.

There’s something for every taste, for every occasion, and for every room in the house (if you want it!).

The experience of fully integrated AV and lighting is far superior to anything a high-grade TV — using its in-built speakers alone— can achieve. Integrated AV is a whole new way to experience your media, bringing the cinema into your own home.


Woman using Savant voice control remote for AV integration

Voice activation for hands-free control

Tailored AV integration with intelligent, voice-activated remotes gives you the power to get things just right without lifting a finger. Turn the sound up or down, rewatch your favourite moments, and never miss a punch line. No standard home entertainment system can compete.


Future automation integration cinema in a smart home

Redesign the cinema experience

Want to go beyond even the best smart TVs and most comfortable couches to build the screening room of your dreams?

We can even offer automated cinematic seating, cinema screens, projectors, and professional-grade speakers for an unforgettable home AV experience. With Smart Home automation you can see movies as they were made to be seen in unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Zero1 provides a dedicated service for each customer, a smart home entertainment set-up that’s exactly as you want it, bespoke to your home. Watching movies will never be the same once you’ve experienced the power of integrated AV and smart home cinema.


JT fibre for smart home AV integration

Keep your home connected, without interruption

At Zero1, we’re experts in designing and delivering harmonious systems: where each integration works as seamlessly as the next.

In a smart home, the network wiring has to be the best – especially to make the most of our local hyperfast fibre network. When your smart home system is made by Zero1, you can sit back and take in the show: no buffering and no lag, unleashing the power of JT’s full-fibre network around your home.

Better still, we’ll manage the whole process for you, from initial consultation and design to in-home set-up. Do you ever experience a problem with your connection speed? Our customer service team is right on hand to help.

We offer a variety of Tech bundles to suit every budget, including a range of smart speakers and smart light kits for ambience and spot lighting. Find out more here >

AV integration cinema in a smart home living room

Building the perfect customisable package for you (and how to get started today)

Why spend months, or years, building a smart home system from disparate tools and tech — a home assistant here, an energy-saving meter there — just to find they aren’t compatible?

With Zero1, you can buy bundles of smart home tech, or design your custom package. Scale-up and add to the system whenever you want, knowing that seamless integration is guaranteed.

Browse our selection of smart home entertainment bundles to learn more about our options.

Alternatively, if you have questions about how we can meet your custom AV integration needs, just contact our dedicated team to learn more.


Interested in a demo? Or learning what Zero1 could do for your home?

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