In the decade ahead, audio-visual integrations will be more than a “nice to have” for all businesses. They will be the enabler of better experiences and greater success for you, your employees, and your customers.

But AV integration has many layers, and below we will discuss how you can go “all-in” on AV integration and access not just the immediate benefits, but the deeper, long-term benefits as well.

The benefits of AV integration

  • > AV solutions can improve employee engagement during training and meetings and boost information retention and focus
  • > Run the smoothest, most engaging presentations and meeting that will impress visiting clients and business partners
  • > For retailers and restaurants, Zero1's AV solutions create an immersive, unforgettable customer experience to help you stand out from the competition

Audio-Visual integrations for businesses

AV in your meeting room

One of the key hubs in any business for information sharing and decision making— integrating AV throughout the meeting space allows presenters to invite their audience to collaborate and share screens, whether they're in the room or at home.

Why not take it a step further with video walls? These walls create an immersive experience in your meeting room that is great for educating and engaging your audience. This helps with training and briefing staff as well as marketing to potential customers and clients.

For audio, surround sound can create a cinema-esque experience in the boardroom that will capture the attention and imagination of everyone present.

At Zero1, we can combine integrated visual with audio to create a high-fidelity multi-sensory experience that can be controlled wirelessly from a single device or app.

Modern video conferencing

Are you struggling to “turn off” while working from home? It happens to us all — especially when you’ve had a busy day. But AV integration makes it much simpler indeed.

Zero1’s tech partner, Savant, gives you the freedom to create custom “scenes'' throughout your home. Just tap the relevant button on your remote to choose a pre-set scene — “Home office” or “Dinner time”, for example — and the ideal lighting, window shading, TV channels, and speaker volumes activate automatically. This means you can program a scene to ease you into a relaxing evening on the couch with your family, and another to prepare you for work. Each would have its own lighting and atmosphere, to get you in (or out of!) the ‘zone’.

It’s totally up to you and with Savant's pre-set scenes, integrating your AV with other home tech like blinds and lighting you can set the perfect post-work tone instantly at the touch of a button.

Wireless presentations

If you wish to move away from starting meetings by hunting around for an HDMI cable, wireless presentation technology can set you free.

Wireless presentations commonly involve multiple tools and applications and do not enable the level of information sharing that modern businesses need.

Audio-visual integrations can create a clutter-free meeting environment where presentations are managed remotely from a tablet, with the ability to switch screens and applications if needed and share relevant digital documents instantly.

At the highest level, every screen, speaker and lightbulb in the room can be pre-configured before the meeting, or managed in real-time to move the audience seamlessly between presentations.

AV for retail, hospitality, and leisure

The benefits of AV integration are not limited to boardrooms. Retailers can leverage this technology to completely alter their customers’ experiences for the better.

Video — and in particular personalised, responsive video content—has been proven to help improve customer experience and sales results for retail, leisure and hospitality businesses.

Whether you are delivering timely marketing messages, creating unique in-venue experiences or providing 24/7 service and support, integrating AV with environmental controls in the way that Zero1 allows will have customers coming back time and time again.

Choose Zero1 for next-level AV support

Jersey-based businesses are uniquely positioned to benefit from AV with a partner like Zero1, powered by JT. We offer leading-edge AV technology, delivered by a team with years of experience.

We bring our significant expertise to the table every time and work with you from ideation through to installation and integration with our full-scale integration from Savant.

For more information on how Zero1 can modernise your AV approach, reach out to our team today.

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