Eco-aware CSR-led businesses see returns that are 19 times higher ( than their peers.

Better still, sustainable ways of working help make your revenue go further. For example, LED bulbs in your office use 25-30% less energy ( and last longer than alternatives, saving a lot of money in the future. Automating those LEDs to activate and deactivate on response, or at certain times can increase those savings even further.

It's often the conception that switching to “greener” operations can take time and money to set up and maintain. However, that’s where automation comes in. After your bespoke automated environment is set up, this element of your sustainability strategy can sit on autopilot in your properties, and succeeding in your eco aims gets so much easier.

Sustainability, automation, and long-term competitive advantage

More than 60% of executives feel a sustainability strategy is essential ( to remain competitive, while another 22% believe this will be the case in the future.

Automation liberates you from the stress and effort of monitoring and controlling the energy you use every day. It’s all monitored, easily controlled and adapted when needed or even tweaked on your behalf by the network responding to its use.


How automation brings sustainability to the workplace

Zero1 has the technologies and expertise to help your company embrace environmental sustainability in a cost-effective way. We automate and revolutionise a range of working environments, from corporate office spaces and hospitality establishments to retail and residential properties in the Channel Islands.

How? By implementing the following state-of-the-art technologies that can help reduce wasted energy, boost efficiency, and create a more comfortable working space for all.


Smart environmental control 

If you've worked in an office with dysfunctional air conditioning or heating, you know exactly how frustrating it can be when you’re too cold or too hot. There’s an ideal setting somewhere in between, but neither you nor your colleagues seem capable of finding it.

All this temperature-related discomfort can have a tangible effect on employee productivity. A recent CareerBuilder survey found that more than half of employees feel less productive when too cold or hot. 71% of workers questioned blamed excessive warmth as a reason for their reduced performance.

Fortunately, with smart environmental controls, you don’t need to worry about how the temperature in your business affects employees’ work — or the cost or environmental impact all that heat or A/C is having. You can control and monitor your environment securely, from any location, with a bespoke intelligent system. Or, even give select users fine-grain control over the environment control (alongside all other ‘smart’ tech) in an easy-to-use app.


Smart windows and blinds 

Smart windows and blinds can reduce your energy consumption and maximise natural lighting, helping you to make better use of natural light sources and create a more comfortable working environment for employees. According to a new research report looking at the impact of lighting in the workplace of workers, in the UK and across Europe, 80% of respondents feel that good lighting ( is important to them, with more than 30% believing it would improve their happiness during working hours.

It’s also known that even brief bursts of exposure to natural light can stimulate the release of endorphins ( (AKA the “happy hormones”).

Smart blinds and curtains can be controlled with a single button or configured to respond to changes in lighting or the environment (even responding to the astronomical clock!). Window treatments reduce solar gain in your business, which can help boost employee productivity further, prevent temperatures rising and reduce UV-related damage to furniture over time.


Real-time monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Having the automated technology is one thing, but with larger offices, having the ability to monitor and maintain the living, breathing organism that is your property is what takes this technology to the next level.

We've partnered with Synetica to help you visualise the energy your building is using, real-time and quantify the performance of your reduction efforts (automated lighting, blinds and temperature controls).


Working towards a sustainable future

Automating the environment and energy use in your commercial buildings has the power to cut costs, improve employee productivity, and help you gain a competitive edge. It is also a smarter way to succeed in your business’s sustainability strategy.

To learn more about bespoke automation for your office spaces, contact the Zero1 team today.

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